Beware of Prematured Exposure (As an Upcoming Musician)


Prematured Exposure in our context means showing your gift or talent to the world when it isn’t fully developed.

One might argue that gospel music is a calling and doesn’t require any special skill but that is definitely wrong. Psalm 33:3 says “Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise”.

It’s abysmal how people who want to take up music ministry try to expose themselves without concentrating on building their talents. Even young ones who are learning how to instruments such as drums, keyboards and others have tried having pages on facebook and other platforms. It’s not a big deal creating a facebook page as a musician but what content do you put there?

Prematured Exposure has been one issue of northern ghana’s gospel music growth.

Here are some dangers associated with prematured exposure;

1. It makes you reluctant to learn further

At this point you feel like “you have arrived” and there is no need to learn. You hold on the the few skills acquired, get so conversant with them. You will be within you comfort zone and will not want to try a new skill that might look challenging.

2. It is a seed of pride

The exposure makes you feel proud within yourself because you the you know everything. This will failto teach you to humble yourself and identify people that are ahead of you and learn from them. Robbing shoulders with people that could far be your teachers can bring even curses into your life for the bible admonishes us to humble ourselves and God will lift us up.

3. It brings about familiarity and luck of public endorsement

A prematured musician will be forced to also work within the few skills acquired and this does not bring any kind of variation to his/her singing or play (instrumentalist). People gradually will become used to the particular way he or she sings or plays. Eventually, people will lose interest in you ministry.

4. It takes away God’s blessings from your life

As the Bible teaches us to humble ourselves for God to lift us up, prematured exposure is the contrary of this rule. God wouldn’t bless you by lifting you because you will not be humble. It will mean that you are in for fame and not ministry because ministry should be execute skillfully as instructed in Psalm 33:3

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