Yidana Solomon Spotted in Studio With Naasei The Story Singer (video)


The Northern Ghana Gospel singer Evangelist Yidana Solomon has been spotted engaging Naasei the story singer in a studio session which suggests the coming up of a praise medley. The video shows Solomon singing a song in his traditional Mampruli and Naasei singing a translated Twi version of the same song. This has whipped up the crave of many and has exalted their anticipations.

Evangelist Yidana Solomon is the CEO of Favour Studios and has a track record of refurbishing traditional Mampruli songs to newer renditions. This got him widely exposed within Northern Ghana and he became the most followed Northern Ghana Gospel Artist on Facebook.

Naasei the story singer became a trend in 2020 for his blend of unfamiliar tongues in his singing. Many have raised questions about his flare of tongues but he replied that it’s from God.

Yidana Solomon and Naasei
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