Apostle James Assibidi to Release Two New Books


Apostle James Assibidi is prepared to outdoor two pristine books for the lovers of knowledge. Apostle James is the founder of Faith World International Ministries (FWIM). FWIM is a non-denominational ministry that seeks to propagate the gospel through the Media.

Though a graduate of College of Health, he has an unbeatable passion for God’s work.
Apostle has prayer as his hallmark and that has improved the prayer life of his cooperates.
The young writer takes the accolade for two powerful books that were published earlier; Unlocking the supernatural power of praying in tongues (May 2019) and The Father’s love (August 2020).
The upcoming books which will be launched on 7th May, 2022 are titled EXPLORING THE ABRAHAMIC SECRETS and IN PURSUIT OF SUCCESS.
This will take place at Gbewaa College of Education Auditorium at exactly 7 pm.
This is a worthy course that everyone should support.

For more info, Call 0541461628

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