Wisdom Konlaa Is Taking Ghana by Storm


Wisdom Konlaa has been so consistent latterly in his line of work as a gospel musician. He has been on the pins on social media platforms.

Wisdom Konlaa is an urban gospel artiste who comes from Northern Ghana precisely, the North-East Region.

His music moved ahead in leaps and bounds after the release of his “Yadah Daa Be” EP in the last quarter of 2022 which had dozens of streams across all digital platforms. The acclaimed father of Urban Gospel in Northern Ghana has since then been in the spotlight.

On 7th April 2023, Wisdom Konlaa released a gospel rap song in Hausa which he called SARKI (king). Later in June, the song was remixed and featured a Tarkoradi based urban gospel artiste Bodiless. Proving the outburst of this song, it was used by IGCG Worship Temple Kpone-Tema, as a soundtrack for their Breaking Barriers Conference’s advert.

Fast forward to June, The SARKI composer picked up two major awards in Northern Ghana. He won the Gospel Song of the Year Award from the North-East Entertainment & Creative Art Awards and the Gospel Artiste of the Year from the Northern Ghana Entertainment Awards.

Recently, he has captured the attention of many Ghanaians with his involvement in open verse challenges. First, Wisdom Konlaa joined Nacee’s ASEDA open verse challenge which received massive positive reaction. Nacee himself commented on that video to indicate his satisfaction on Konlaa’s piece; Bimoba and English Rap lines.

Thenceforth, He added his verse to GUC’s (Nigeria) IKECHI open verse challenge. The “All That Matter” crooner even shared that video on facebook and it has received attention from all over the world.

Currently, He is trending with his neatly constructed rap lines on MOGmusic’s YESU open verse challenge. Out of his busy work schedules as a Medical Officer of the Ghana Immigration Service, He has milked out time to be consistent in the music space.

Wisdom Konlaa is definitely one of the Northern Ghana Gospel Artiste that is representing Northern Ghana far and large.

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