Moindib Fant – My Heart Expression (Video & Mp3)


After few weeks of announcing the coming of a new song, Moindib Fant has released MY HEART EXPRESSION, his new single. This song is now available on all digital platforms for streaming.

Waiting on God for some time, Moindib Fant has now released a medley of songs titled MY HEART EXPRESSION that follows “YAHWEH” that was released six (6) years ago. The medley comprises three songs. It begins with a song of the confession of love for Jesus, Deep Love, whilst the second invites others to come and experience this love that is experienced in Jesus and the last song of the medley which was trimmed and released as a teaser of MY HEART EXPRESSION, celebrates Christ on his return. The Bimoba song says “There He is (Jesus ) we can all see him. Meanwhile when we were telling you about Him, you argued with us. Now There he is”. The whole Medley is in English and Moar (Bimoba)

Moindib Fant is a gospel music minister who comes from Nakpanduri but is based in Tamale. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Glorious Mix Studios in Tamale. He doubles as the Music Director of Wind and Fire Assemblies of God Church in Tamale; training and mentoring many musicians who are finding ground in the music ministry.

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Oooh (Oooh)

oooh (oooh)

I love you Lord with all my heart

(I love you Lord with all my heart)

I praise you Lord with everything

(I praise you Lord with everything)

I love you love you love you Lord

(I love you love you love you Lord )

For everything you’ve done for me

(For everything you’ve done for me)

ooh (Oooh)

ooh( ooh)

Nlona Nlona Chamba Yesa Nlona

(I love you I love you my Lord Jesus I love you )

Yesa (Jesus )

nloona (I love you )n

nlona (I love you )

Eeeeh (Yessss)

sa na man I sa na man tan Wei Yesa I sa na man

(Come everyone and follow Jesus )

nna wase i sa na man NBA wase I sa na man

tan Wei Yesa I sa na man

(my brethren come and follow Jesus )

Mwoina Mwoina ma tu yeni ki noina

(There He is (Jesus) when I told you (about Him) , you argued

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