How to Get the 2 Music Books of Moindib L. Fant As eBooks For Easy Reading


Moindib L. Fant is a seasoned ministers, a songwriter, a manifold instrumentalists and an anointed teacher of music.

Through his music career, he encountered great minds in the music space such as KODA, Nii Okai, Eugene Zuta and other great men and has driven inspiration from them.

Moindib Fant converted his experience, the knowledge and inspirations, and his spiritual discernment as prerequisites to write two music related book which gives in-depth knowledge about music.

‘Worship Essentials’, forwarded by Rev. A. L. Fant, was the first book published in 2019 in hard copy and in electronic book (eBook) . ‘Spirit of Music’ , the second book and forwarded by Nii Okai, was published in 2021 only in eBook format.

These books can be purchased online onto your device to be read anywhere, anytime using MoMo.

  • Download Sefarim Reader for Google Play Store
  • Install the app after downloading
  • Search for the book title you (Worship Essentials or Spirit of Music)
  • Click on the book and Pay using MoMo

Or use the shortcuts below to lead you Google Play Store to download the reader before the book;

1.Worship Essentials [PURCHASE]

2. Spirit of Music [PURCHASE]

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