Profile of Badizemna, The Self-learned Guitarist


Dahamani Badizemna Sylvester is one of the few species of guitarist that we can boast of. He is an autodidactic when a discourse of his guitar play is raised.
Badizemna, as he is widely known was born in Tamale, in the Northern region of Ghana to Sebiyam Eric Dahamani and Sumaya Dahamani.
Though his roots can be traced to the North East Region, this highly admired guitarist lives in Tamale.
Dahamani Badizemna Sylvester began learning the guitar in 2015 and has constantly and consistently practiced to become a proficient guitarist. He is a pianist too, vocal director/coach and plays basketball as a hobby.

Aside his love and passion for music, Badizemna is passionate about humanitarian work specifically in the areas of gender equality, girl child education and empowerment. He fulfils this passion in his capacity as Administrative Director for a youth led NGO called Necessary Aid Alliance. He also is an environmentalist and works as a Public health engineer with Local government service.


Primary: Tiyumba Primary School.
Junior High: Pentecostal Academy Schools.
Senior high school: St. Charles Minor Seminary SHS
Tertiary: University for Development Studies, UDS

Inspiration & Projects

Though Badizemna is described as a self-learned guitarist, his guitar journey has been facilitated by several people who have mentored and offered him guidance. Amongst these individuals are Mr. Joe Attiah, Alfred Otoo (A.K.A coach Alfy) and also from Victor Edem Setordjie. Also, Prince Hakeem has been directly and indirectly instrumental in his growth as a guitarist; taking advice and lessons from him.
Being explicit on his inspiration to learn the instrument, he says, “I’ve always been fascinated about how the guitar works and watching the likes of Prince Hakeem, Owuraku, and foreign guitarists such as Steve Vai, BB king just to mention a few, I just developed the love for guitar.”
As one of the high-grade guitarist in the Northern part of Ghana, he has played on many stages and contributed to the success of a lot of projects (songs). He is the guitarist for Essence of the Psalmist Tamale: a music crew based in Tamale. He has also played with Holikeys in their annual program titled Healing praise and also playing on their “I Will Rejoice” song. Furthermore, Snr Adatus ministries’ My gratitude, Psalmist Moses Assandor’s Easter fest, Joachim Nyame Eshun’s Deeper experience-Tamale edition, Justein Tehilah’s Living praise. He played on Justein Tehilah’s “You are Holy” song and Edwina’s song, “The Love of God”

Watch Badizemna playing the guitar
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