“One Night of Gratitude” In Retrospect


The Stars of Heaven Ministries marked their 4th anniversary of the church’s birth with an all night worship and praise event on Friday, 12th May 2023 inside the Ahavah Family Chapel-Bolgatanga, the Headquarters of the ministry.

The event was distinctive and unprecedented in terms of the move of God, attendance and the general quality of the program. All ministers on bill were in attendance. It wasn’t a “flopped” program at all. Even as at 3am in the next morning, the Auditorium was still full.

The man of God, Prophet David Rauf and the entire Ahavah Family will definitely be blessed for pulling this massive program together. The prophet was fully involved in the program from start to finish: making a lot of dance moves to shame those that thought he couldn’t dance [LOL].

Patrons of the program witnessed that, the big names “down there” are not better than our very own minister here, just that we need to overcome some few challenges.

All eleven ministers who were invited have their roots traced back to the north and they were all powerful on stage.

Minister Paul Siya, who is also the music director of the church opened the evening with songs of gratitude as it was the theme of the program. Minister Raphael of the same Stars of Heaven Ministries followed up quickly and soaked the whole congregation with a pentecostal worship.

Minister Edwina Mount the stage afterward. Known widely for her power in blending English with songs in her dialect, she didn’t do any other than that. She made everyone to feel at home with here frafra songs that carried the power of God.

Minister Adams Moses climbed after Edwina. He came with an Urban Gospel Vibe. He was the shock of the night he ministered above expectations. This guy is also the head of the church’s media department.

Then came minister Andy Gospelz turn. It was a mixture of chants and adoration. He beautifully and slowly led the congregation into a time of worship and finished it off with the Nigerian style of praise.

Pastor Prince Ike who is also a singer from Life Pastures-East Legon, Accra took over from then. We will refer to him as the “Wa Pastor Isaiah Fosu Kwakye Jr” due to his power in riffs and runs and his deep voice. He led everyone to render gratitude to the Lord.

Minister Erd started with songs that explained the capabilities of God. With faith and belief, the church sung a lot. Erd switch to a reggae ministration with his beautiful silky voice. It was at this moment that prophet Rauf couldn’t hold himself but had to dance to dance to Erd’s “BBF, Bibiaaa Be Ye Fine” refrain in a certain song. He again lifted praise moments, leading the entire church to dance in gratitude to the Lord.

Immediately after him, our father in the music aspect Minister Moindib Fant took to the podium. He is referred to as a father because he has mentored other ministers who even ministers in this particular program. God used this man to liberate many people. During his ministration, there was a manifestation of the move of God in the midst of the congregation. This is not to exalt Moindib but rather the name of God. Not that he is very special but it was God’s appointed time to move in his people.

Pastor Martin Bandim came with his saxophone. He revisited an instrument he left playing for some time but had to pick it up that day for the prophet. He carefully blended the saxophone with songs.

Minister Justein Tehilah of Philadelphia Pastures-Tamale ascended the altar of praise. He lifted spirits of worshippers slowly and softly. Even as it had crossed the day and fatigue settled in a lot of people, he still got them to worship.

Around 4am in the morning, Minister Irvin Anyekase wrapped the program up. He was the last to Minister in the program. A lot of people heard about the powerful voice of Irvin but have never sat under his ministration. Every song that came out of his mouth had a different level of God’s anointing.

Everyone who was present in this program will wish to have another experience of this nature and aura.

Remember all exalted words and descriptions are to the glorification of God and not any minister.

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