Harmonic Presents Mpusiya Worship 2023


Harmonic Crew released a poster on the 18th of June 2023 indicating their preparedness to host Mpusiya Worship 2023.

The 2023 episode of Mpusiya Worship happens to be the third successful edition of the thanks offering program.

“Mpusiya”, a word in “Kusaal” (a language in Northern Ghana spoken by the Kusaasis in the Upper East Region) which means “Thank You”. Inferable, the program can be called ‘Thank You Worship’. This worship event is a mid-year program organized by Harmonic Crew.

Harmonic Crew is a non-denominational music ministry that is based in the Upper East Region of Ghana. However, they have some of their members outside the region. The ‘Worship Night’ organizers thought of adding a mid-year program to the myriad programs they put up every year so that it will be another opportunity for people to have a special thanksgiving encounter with the Lord, and that called for the inception of Mpusiya Worship in 2020.

Harmonic Crew set store by reaching out to people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in music therefore, employ variation in the venues of their programs.

The first and second edition of the afore-mentioned program was held at Binaba and Zebilla respectively, all in the Bawku West District in the Upper East Region.

The 2023 edition which is scheduled for 2nd July 2023 will take place in Zebilla at the Grace Assemblies of God Church located along the road from Zebilla township to the District Hospital. The crew has carefully called on the following ministers to support them: veteran gospel singer Zeruah Annieya from Zebilla, Favour Emmanuel from Bolga, Gideon Atiah from Zebilla, Mathew Alaldago from Garu and Akurugu Mbilla Foster who is the president of the ministry.

Thanksgiving giving is a secret weapon of every believer and is supposed to be a lifestyle. Make time and be there for MPUSIYA WORSHIP 2023.

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