Gospel Music Programs To Be Expected Within The Upper East Region In 2022


Healing Praise is a program that is always organized in the Upper Region. Over the years, it has been organized in Zebilla but has had attendance from place outside Zebilla. Healing Praise is organized by Holikeys Music Ministry based in Zebilla.

The first edition happened in 2018 and has been repeated every year up to date. Holikeys will be chasing a fifth successful Healing Praise in 2022 as they plan to give people another wonderful worship and praise experience.

This program is visioned at giving healing to the generation. The healing mentioned is not just from disease but from all abnormalities; Ill character, ill financial status, broken hearts, discourage and all sought of bad occurrences in life. Holikeys aims that as they bring people together to sing and dance before the presence of God, their hearts, situations and unfortunes will be changed.

Rev. Joseph Alhassan, Min. Ewina, Min. Francis, Min. Felicia, Min. Eben, Min. Zeruah are some ministers to have graced the healing Praise stage in healing lives in the past programs.

There has been testimonies of healings and deliverance shared.

Healing Praise 2022 is expected around September – October and you would not have to miss it.


Praiz Fest is an annual program organized by Edwina Ministries and Sindefeated in collaboration with the Healing Voices of Holy Ghost Temple Bolgatanga.

The program name Praiz Fest, is a stem name of Sindefeated’s music program. This program has been organized in other areas of the country by this gospel and the maiden one was in Obuasi.

As part of their efforts to reach northern Ghana, they always support Minister Edwina of Edwina ministries to organize this same program in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

These two ministries with the healing Voice have organized two successful editions of Praiz Fest.

The paramount motive of this program is to lead people to Christ and make them to have an encounter with God through worship.

Praiz Fest has hosted Ministers such as Pastor Charles de Inspirational, Brother Sammy (late), Min. Sylvester Favour, Min. Rooney Martins, Pastor Jedidiah, Holikeys and other more.

There have been healings and a confess of personal closeness to God after the program.

Praiz Fest 2022 is anticipated around August – September this year.


Dominion praise is an annual program organized in Navrongo in the Upper East Region.

Isaac Ajenda ministries (AIM) are the main organizers of this life changing program.

Four (4) consecutive editions have been successfully organized in the past years

Asthe name of the program will suggest,the aim of the program is to bring together the people of Upper East to take Dominion through praise and worship. It’s a place where yolks of stagnation and anything that prohibits Dominion in one’s life are broken.

Cp, Gideon Nii Nhyraba, Pastor Prince Ike, Moinib Fant, Pastor Daniel Offori-Wilson, are some ministers to have ever been on this program.

People have testified of unexpected admissions into institutions after Dominion Praise’ encounter. A young man broke away from the addiction of masturbating and people testifying of Dominion Praise bringing them back to God

This 2022 will be the five (5) years anniversary of IAM so Dominion Praise is going to be something spectacular and should be expected in December.


True Worship Arena is a Zebilla based annual program, organized by the non-denominational music ministry; Tabernacle Music Ministry (TMM).

The first edition was held in 2017 and has not been abrogated till now.

This program seeks to bring believers of our Lord Jesus Christ together to worship God in spirit and in truth and take worship as the amor to overcome their challenges as they come into the arena.

The first edition hosted the Kusaug and northern gospel legend, J. A Solomon and It was a one of its kind. The subsequent ones also brought down ministers like Pastor Emmanuel Anafo, Gifty Akutek, Zeruah Annieya, Lady Comfort, Minister Edwina and many more.

There have been numerous testimonies as far as this program is concern but specifically from the 2019 edition, there was lifting and liberation of souls from the torment of the devil.

True Worship Arena, this 2022 comes of in December.

Worship Xperience

Worship Xperience organized by SoundCode Music is one of the powerful programs in the upper East Region
Rooney Martins and the SoundCode team have had three (3) editions of this program.

Worship Xperience as a gospel music program is aiming at reaching out to men & women, youth and children with this Gospel of Christ. Shaping them through music with the power of Worship & Praise as God’s Word has charged us to go out and preach this gospel to the earth; changing lives and destinies, saving the lost and showing them the way to the father.

Ministers such as Edwina, Markernel, Evangelist Solomon Yidana, Israel (FGC), Eben (Sandema), Nashiru (Tamale), Favour Emmanuel, Eunice Mbama, Nhysiraba Gideon, Foster Mbilla, Francis (Saxophonist from Navrongo), Kobby Keys, Baffour Junior (Bassist), Makarios (Drummer), Felix (Accra), Ena, Asa, Frances (Choreographer), Ps.Emmanuel Kyei Boate.

 During a ministration in one of the editions, a lady who inflicted felt like vomiting, went out and vomited, came back and was delivered. In all the editions, most people had a change of heart to serve God rightly. There were those who also gave their lives to Christ and others rededicated their lives to God’s will. Many also testified of healing pains and illnesses. Many mighty testimonies happened and more mighty and dangerous testimonies are bound to happen in their upcoming editions.

The 2022 edition of Worship Xperience will happen on the 26th December (Boxing Day), the day God will be boxing up and parceling already inner spirit men and women, the young, preparing them as elites for the work ahead. Just prepare to be there.

Worship Night

Harmonic Crew’s Worship Night is a program that one in the Upper East should be counting days towards it. This is a program that takes place on the first Friday of Every new year (all things being equal)

Harmonic Crew celebrated five years of worship night in their last year’s editions so it was dubbed this far by grace.

The reason for organizing Worship Night is to gather people from all walks of life under a single roof to thank God for seeing them through the past year and to ask God for a prosperous new year.

The following are some men and women of God to have ever been on worship night program; Apostle Nat Awuni, Minister Elvis Nsoyine, Minister Mark, Pastor Jedidiah, Minister Mike, Minister Zeruah Annieya, Prophet Eleazer Musah, Rev. Dr. Philip Azumah, Minister Felicia Awane, Minister Seth Praise, Minister Israel, Minister Noah, Minister Lizzy and other more.

The word of God goes to fulfill a designated purpose. As minister has been singing songs, many have their lives turned around for good. A lot have been released from all sort of boundages. In one of the editions, someone testified of instant pain relief and that was by the power of God.

Though the 2022 edition is past but the peak of the organization of the 2023 edition will be in this 2022 so we consider it part of the programs to be expected this year. The 2023 edition is expected in January, 2022. Don’t hesitate to join them for this powerful encounter.

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