Do These 7 Things As a Praise/Worship Leader When Leading The Congregation in worship – Moindib Fant


Moindib Fant has laid it upon himself to raise praise and worship leaders of high efficacy so has been organizing training for church musicians around the Northern belts of Ghana.

Moindib has made 7 suggested guidelines for praise and worship leaders to practice to actualize effective worship when leading a congregation.

  1. Do not be in a hurry to change songs; simplicity helps a lot in worship.
  2. Avoid singing too many songs; the more time you give to each song helps the congregation relate with the songs better than rushing through them.
  3. Make sure you are not swayed away by the congregation; be sensitive to their needs but above all, set your focus on Jesus Christ.
  4. Make sure you change your songs professionally; transitions should be very simple and not distract the congregation in worship.
  5. Please, be aware that you are leading people of different ages and backgrounds so please be careful with your choice of words and be mindful of the culture of your locality or where you are leading; e.g, gestures mean different things to different groups. Be intentional about it.
  6. As much as possible, be you and not a replica of another worship leader. Do not try to mimic some other person on stage. You can never mimic someone better than the original. Work on yourself and be the best of yourself.
  7. Remember that the worship session is not the time to show you are a good “ad-libber”- simplicity again counts a lot. Don’t over twist the songs such that the congregation cannot sing along or hear the words you are singing.

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Do you want some teaching and training for your praise and worship team, choirs and music ministry? Moindib Fant and his team organise training for church music teams, either through Live/Virtual medium. Reach out to them via WhatsApp on 0506964418 and build the capacity of your team.

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