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Obed Psych is a Ghanaian Christian rapper and a member of the multiple award-winning musical group, Preachers. He is known for his music that blends elements of hip-hop, gospel, and African rhythms, and his powerful lyrics that focus on themes related to Christianity and spirituality. Obed Psych’s music is uplifting and inspiring, and he is considered one of the best gospel rappers in Ghana.

Obed Psych in Preachers

Obed Psych hails from Kobori, a village in the Upper East Region of Ghana and is currently domicile in Vancouver, Canada.
He’s been in the music industry since 2019 as the lead singer of the renowned urban gospel trio, Preachers. As a member of the Preachers, Obed Psych has contributed to the group’s numerous award-winning projects and has helped to establish them as the leading Christian hip-hop group in Ghana. Together, they have performed at numerous churches, youth events, and concerts, spreading their message of hope, faith, and inspiration.

As a solo artist, Obed Psych is a highly creative and analytical lyricist. His debut EP “Winpang,”, was released in 2022 and is a project that displays his love for his faith, culture, and roots. The six-track EP was written in his native language, Kusaal, and has been well received! At the Upper East Music Awards 2022, he won the rapper of the year and record of the year awards with his hit songs “Tun Bu Toara” and “Yuum Kanga”.

In his solo journey, he brings something totally new and different. Rapping predominantly in his local mother tongue, Kusaal, Obed Psych brings a new level of richness and maturity to his flow. When asked what inspired this new direction, Obed said, “Growing up in a small village in the Upper East region of Ghana, I faced many challenges that have shaped me into the person I am today. Living without pipe-borne water, electricity, and even cars, life was tough. But through it all, I held onto a dream – a dream of using my music to inspire and empower my people. That dream has led me back to my roots, to my native tongue of Kusaal, and to the realization of the power of God for hope and empowerment. My middle name, Winpang, means God’s Power, and it has become the foundation of my music. Through my lyrics, I seek to inspire my people to be more, to rise above their circumstances, and to embrace their heritage. I want to show them that no matter where they come from or what they have been through, they too can achieve their dreams with the power of God. By rapping in Kusaal, I hope to not only preserve the beauty of our language but also to encourage our people to take pride in our culture and identity. I want to inspire the youth to embrace their heritage and to use it as a source of strength and inspiration in all that they do.
As I embark on my new projects, I am excited to share my music with the world and to bring a fresh perspective to the rap scene. Through my music, I hope to uplift and inspire, to give hope and encouragement, and to spread the message that with God’s power, anything is possible. I believe that by reconnecting to our roots, we can find the strength to overcome any challenge, and we can be more than we ever thought possible.”

Obed Psych

Obed Psych has been a judge along-side co-judges Nii Okai, Diana Hopeson, Ps. Helen Yawson and Noble Nketsiah for the 2016 edition of UGCY Africa (University Gospel Choir of the Year) which aired on Viasat TV.

As business man and Creative Director for Replay Planet, he has worked with many artists such as Emmanuel Smith (The Voice UK), MOGmusic, Nacee, Yaw Siki, Noble Nketsiah, KODA, Ps. Edwin Dadson, KODA and more.

Obed Psych has performed on stages in Canada such as Black Writers and Story Tellers Showcase in Abbotsford and Vibes and Verses in Victoria Island.
Obed Psych is a powerful voice in the Ghanaian Christian hip-hop community and continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the world through his music and message.

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