A Message from Evg. Moses Yin to Northern Ghana Gospel Artists/Ministers in the Diaspora


Evangelist Moses Yin is a proud son of the Upper East Region but has spend mass years in Kumasi in the Southern part of Ghana. He is one of the many admirable artists/ministers who are outside Northern Ghana but originally come from Northern Ghana. Evg. Moses Yin is from Duusi in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region. Even in a strange land, he has gained recognition through the many might miracles God is using him to perform in his music ministrations. He is a diasporal asset for Northern Ghana Gospel music.

The Powerful Worshipper has joined the struggle to seeing Northern Ghana Gospel music grow and has a meagre but mega advice for other gospel artists/ministers who are from Northern Ghana but are outside it.

“I can see Northern Ghana Gospel Music is about to grow. The industry is about to get bigger and I don’t want to wait till it grows before I come to join. I want to join now so that we will grow the Northern Gospel music sector together. My other colleagues should come join us now before it growS and they will then want to join.”

Evg. Moses Yin advised

Because of this positive intention, Evg. Moses Yin honored not less than ten(10) programs in the Upper East Region and has released ground breaking worship medleys in his local dialect in 2022. He narrated the dilemma of how others don’t even want to be identified as Northerners.

The Kumasi based Frafra Gospel Musicians Association’s Vice President admonished his colleagues in the Diaspora to join their hands on deck in anyway they can, to help grow the Northern Ghana Gospel music industry; they should try to come home for programs, produce songs in their respectives original dialects and acquaint themselves to artists/ministers back home to encourage them to work hard.

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